Fallout: Art & Design in the Atomic Age
“After the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945, America found itself caught between anxiety and optimism, not just in politics, but in art as well. The Atomic Age would see the plastics of wartime transformed into Tupperware cocktail shakers. The molded plywood used for splinting injured soldiers would become inspiration for the Eames chair. Isamu Noguchi’s This Tortured Earth would stand in stark contrast to the reassurance of George Nelson’s wall clock, designed as an atom orbited by twelve electrons representing the hours.”

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Themes in American Art: Abstraction. A featured by the National Gallery of Art.

“Over fifty years have passed since Abstract Expressionism burst onto the New York City art scene, quickly attaining singular prominence as the first school in American painting to declare its independence from European styles. New assessments of its impact and importance continue to emerge.”

Subtitle: The International Context
Author: Joan Marter
Subject: Art History
Paper ISBN 0-8135-3975-7
Cloth ISBN 0-8135-3974-9
Pages: 320 pp. 24 color and 65 b&w illustrations
Publication Date: February, 2007

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“In the years following the end of World War II, a small group of American painters living in New York seized the spotlight of artistic innovation–which for the past century had focused primarily on Paris–and rose to preeminence in the national and international art world.”

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