Dream by D. Lane Taylor

July 8, 2007


By: D. Lane Taylor

The abstract expressionist art of D. Lane Taylor  at Deviant Art.

10 Responses to “Dream by D. Lane Taylor”

  1. Glad you found me. Thanks!

  2. lifecreativitycoach Says:

    I realy like this image. It is bright, creative, and interesting. It has lots of energy!


  3. Bern Says:

    i love the use of the two colors. i have one question for you, what was your reasoning for naming it Dream? i know that you must get a lot of people giving you their ideas and thoughts of what they see. well, i guess that i will have to be one more of those people, when i saw this and with the title in mind, i say a dream, but not a good dream. the dream is being stabbed by a knife, and it spirals down. it is truly a work of art.

  4. To me the ‘Dream’ is the light colored beam coming from the lower left corner. Even with all the chaos and things in your life that try to devour us we still have our dreams. I guess it kind of cuts through it all. At least that is what I felt when creating this painting.

  5. courtney Says:

    im currently doing a project of abstract expressionism for my art class and your painting caught my eye as i looked through different works. i love the colors and designs in “dream”. i was just wondering what mediums you used in the painting, assuming it is paint.

  6. Vinny Says:

    Hi there,

    Using this painting as part of a university assignment based on the use of images in the development of spirituality.

    Could you tell me when it was painted?


  7. tim cook Says:

    i love this can i get a print from any where?

  8. Brittany Kell Says:

    i LOVE this painting. im choosing it as my subject in an art project at my school. i have some questions & i would love to find out more about this painting and the styles you use. my email adress is kell_brittx@hotmail.com. i would really appreciate your time. you have an amazing style.

    thank you

  9. Mel Says:

    I would like to find more of your work, could you give me a website or something please. I really like the colour of your work and style of painting and would maybe consider using you as my artist for a project I am currently doing at college in my Fine Art course.

  10. Sorry folks, I didn’t see most of the more recent comments. Sorry about your art project!

    My site is http://blast3r.deviantart.com where you can get a print and look at my other art.


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